Our Story

How We Began

We welcome you to Pink Angels Inc. We are a charity born from the desire to support local breast cancer patients.

My name is Donna Falconer. I am the founder of Pink Angels Inc. and this is my story.

In May 2009 at the age of 44, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. In the many months that followed I underwent surgery, months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. My family, friends, work colleagues and acquaintances followed and supported my journey in many ways by offering encouragement, love and support. Although many people did support me through my journey, I found at times it was hard to ask for help, I found myself needing practical help and support, which isn't easy to ask for. I met many other women throughout my journey, women with the same needs as me, many of them too proud to ask for help.

It was during this time, I realised there was a need for hands-on support for breast cancer patients, particularly in regional New South Wales. My plan for care, help and support of breast cancer patients in our region became a reality after two years of planning and discussions with our local Breast Care Nurses. Pink Angels Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation and was finally launched in April 2011.

Pink Angels has helped many breast cancer patients in our region through the support of our generous community, volunteers and many fundraising events.

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