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August 2016

Hi Pink Angels,

Firstly my family and I would like to say thank you very much for the Pink Angels care pack that you gave my mother on Thursday last week. She received it prior to her breast cancer operation at Dubbo Base Hospital and it lifted her spirits a little during such a daunting time.

I was looking through the Pink Angels website hoping to find a donation page, as I believe organisations such as yours need to have such a positive impact on cancer patients and that in turn has a positive impact on families.

Is there a way that people can donate directly to the Pink Angels organisation? While donating to organisations such as the Cancer Council etc. assists on the research side, the majority of those donations end up being eaten away by huge overhead costs and I would rather direct my donation to smaller organisations such as Pink Angels where you have a real impact on people post surgery.

The fuel vouchers alone will come in very handy and take some of the financial burden off when my parents have to drive back and forth from Coonamble to Orange for radiation treatment.

Patients name withheld


I would like to thank you for the lovely package that I received after my mastectomy on the 8th Aug 2016. I now have a trip in front of me and I will pull through this. Again thank you.

Patients name withheld

July 2016

Dear Pink Angels,

Thank you so much for the beautiful gift pack and thoughts as I start my journey. Your support is gratefully appreciated.

With thanks.
Patients name withheld.

Hi to all the lovely ladies at Pink Angels Inc.

I just wanted to say thank you for the incredible work that you do and to let you know that it is great having such an amazing group of women helping out those going through one of the most difficult times in their life. I have been one of the recipients of your generosity, having being diagnosed with Breast Cancer in early December last year.

It was such a lovely surprise that I received your beautiful gift package from the Breast Care Nurse, Margie Collins, and also the gorgeous cashmere beanie, which I just received today, and not to mention, thank also for the Christmas hamper.

Kind Regards,

October 14th 2015

I am writing to thank you sincerely for your many lovely gifts which you can be assured are greatly appreciated.

Thank you again

Sincerely yours
Patients name withheld

June 12th 2015

Dear Pink Angels,

Please accept our grateful thanks for your extremely generous kindness to people undergoing great emotional stress.

We have been so happy to have Vanessa as a breast care nurse who after phone calls, arrived at the hospital the day after my surgery, a nice happy person who carried in a box of goodies from you.

Since then we have been to get orientated for the needed care ahead. Then we received extra aid from you, which was another wonderful surprise. Suck kindness will never be forgotten. It is also seen by the greatest gift giver in the world. It reminds me of the words of a wise king who said “Cast your bread on the waters, for after many days you will find it again. Give a share to seven or even to eight, for you do not know what disaster/ calamity will occur on the earth”.

May your caring generous spirit continue to aid many more. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely
Patients name withheld.

April 27th 2015

I would like to thank you for the lovely gift I received through the breast care nurses in Dubbo who delivered it on your behalf.

Such a lovely thing to receive when things have gone a bit pear shaped and I do look forward to trying your products with much anticipation and pride in that such quality is produced from the western regions of NSW. ...wonderful people and wonderful products!

Many thanks.
Patients name withheld

16th Feb, 2015

Dear Ladies,

Just to thank you all so much for my Christmas Hamper. It was such a lovely surprise!

It was very much appreciated. Thank you all again and to Jo.

Patients name withheld.

January 2015

Dear Pink Angels,

Just a note to thank you for your kindness.

Your gifts have been most appreciated.

My body has never been pampered as much and my bald head loves the beanie.

Lots of love,
Patients name withheld.

16 December 2014

Dear Donna,

Having heard you talk at Gilgandra Probus Club I didn't ever think I would be the recipient of the generosity and care of your Pink Angels.

It came as a bit of a shock to be diagnosed following a routine mammogram. I have just completed radiation therapy following surgery and all is going well.

I was overwhelmed with the beautiful Pink Angels pack delivered to me by Breast Care Nurse Vanessa while I was in Dubbo Hospital for surgery - it made me feel so special - thank you to you and your other angels.

Patients name withheld.

Dec 2014 (Letter Received)

To the angels who keep the Pink Angels operating , I have been the recipient of some of the good work that your organisation does so I felt compelled to let you know how special you people are.

This letter should have been written some time ago as I feel the Pink Angels was responsible for picking up some of my travel expenses when I was having radiation treatment in Orange. Also ...for several months you have organised for my lawns to be mowed which has relieved stress and expense at this time. More recently , I attended my oncology appointment and was presented by Margie Collins your gift box, I was amazed at the generosity of these gifts and the thoughtfulness that had gone into selecting the items.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The helping hand you give means so much when facing the challenge of breast cancer. Keep up the brilliant work, you truly are angels.

Many thanks
Patients name withheld.

Dec 2014

Dear Pink Angels,
I would like to thank you very much for the tablets and vouchers. I really appreciate your help. I don't know what I would have done without your help.

Thank you all for your help.
Patients name withheld

4/11/2014 - Coolah

I recently required Breast Surgery in Dubbo, and was delighted by Margie Collins delivery of the beautifully presented gift from Pink Angels.

Thank you so much, I was overwhelmed by the support and thoughts of a dedicated group of caring women, who do not know me, but spend their valuable time to assist others, as well as the generous donations from sponsors.

It is a difficult time and I warmly appreciate the care, help and support your inspirational group offer women like myself.

Patients name withheld.


What a wonderful thing you do. Without your help a lot of sick people would not be able to have the treatment and help they need. I had breast cancer and lost both boobs. Without your help I would not of been able to go to Orange for treatment, big THANK YOU. Not only did you help but you also made me feel special with little gifts, all I cherish very much.



Dear Members of the Pink Angels,
My name is Patients name withheld and I have recently had my right breast removed with a diagnosis of cancer. I felt so lost and alone until I was introduced by Margie Collins to the caring backing of your group of ladies. It is great to know there is someone who cares and understands what I am going through.

I have lymphedema in my left leg so I am not very mobile and your provision of meals has been a blessing.

Thank you so much for your help and encouragement.

To me you are truly “Pink Angels” God Bless you.


I would sincerely like to thank your Organisation for the lovely box of gifts presented to me by Margie Collins, Breast Care Nurse, upon my diagnosis of breast cancer recently.

Following my surgery the beautiful oils came in very handy and the literature was very enlightening.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and inspiration.

Yours Faithfully.
Patients name withheld


Just a short note to say how thrilled I was to receive your very special gift. Thank you ever so much. I will feel pampered when I use the products. I had both Breast Removed in January, I am 74 and doing well. I had a meeting with Marg Collins last Thursday she passed the gift on. The world is a better place when it has workers like your group.

Thanks once again.
Patients name withheld.

Feb 2014

To Pink Angels,
A great big thank you to all who make up this beautiful group who are dedicated to helping others. I must say I was thrilled and humbled to receive one of your beautiful Christmas Hampers at a time when I had been given some unexpected news of 12 months of working so hard to eradicate cancer from my body to be told that nothing had worked and all cancer spots had enlarged. While still staying positive and realising that this is a much longer journey, to receive this hamper really lightened my load. Thank you so much . I now have changed to a new Chemo and this appears to be working.

Thank you also for the petrol vouchers that Margie presented me with last treatment. I repay you in love and light and when through this journey I also would like to work with you all. Continue to do the good work you are a fantastic organisation.

Patients name withheld.

February 2014

Dear Donna & Pink Angels,
I recently had breast surgery and received one of your parcels. I wanted to thank you for this lovely gift, it is much appreciated, especially all the jojoba products. I praise god for a speedy recovery and supportive people like yourselves.

Yours sincerely,
Patients name witheld.

January 2014

I would like to thank you for the lovely gift I received from you. It seems I am one of the lucky ones and the cancer has not spread. I thank you again for your caring.

Patients name withheld.

December 2013

Dear Pink Angels,
Thank you so much for the very thoughtfully put together Christmas Hamper. I was given it on a day when I received some very nasty news. It cheered me up so much to think that complete strangers care!

Patients name withheld!

10 November 2013

Dear Pink Angel Friends,
A short note to thank you for the encouraging gift box I received from you when I heard about my breast cancer diagnoses.

As no doubt you felt when you heard the news it was quite a shock.

Sincerely – Patients Name withheld.

October 2013

A big thank you for the box of goodies delivered to me, from you , by Vanessa when I was in Dubbo Private. It is a great comfort to know you are not alone when you are diagnosed with Breast Cancer!

Many Thanks.

Patients name withheld.

October 2013

To the founder and all persons involved in making “Pink Angel” a big success.

Just Knowing you are there for help if needed. Breast cancer is very daunting but knowing you are there is helping me deal with stress, Thank you for the wonderful gifts.

Patients name withheld Lightning Ridge.

August 2013

With many thanks to Pink Angels for the beautiful gift box which Vanessa gave me in hospital on Monday. I went home on Tuesday then Wednesday came to Geurie to stay with a friend who is a Breast Cancer Survivor.

Patients Name withheld.

June 2013

To the Pink Angels,
Thank you for such practical gifts.

You truly are an amazing group doing amazing things.

God Bless you all and may an angel sit on each of your shoulders to watch over you.

Patients name withheld

June 2013

Dear Donna
Just a few words to express my deep gratitude for the kindness and practical help you have given me during my Breast Cancer recovery.

You are truly amazing!

The help you give with the Pink Angels has been comforting and caring , it has found a special place in my heart and will stay with me forever.

Thank you again.

Patients name withheld.

April 2013

Dear Vanessa and everyone at Pink Angels,
Thank you for your kindness & support, glad to know there are real angels on earth.


Totally loved the “goodies” Box from the “Angels”.

Patient name witheld.

April 3rd 2013

A beautiful friend of mine has received one of your gorgeous care packs and was extremely touched by the gesture. They are so lovely and I would like to thank you all for the amazing things you do for so many women.

You are inspirational.

Vicki Whitely

March 2013

Having just left Hospital after my second breast cancer operation in two years, I cannot express how thoughtful it was to receive your care package from my breast care nurse, Vanessa. At time likes these it is the little things that seem to matter and such a lovely supporting gift from people not known to me was wonderful. I am overwhelmed by the support which I have received during this journey with words not enough nor sufficient to describe my current feelings.

Thank you.

Leonie Connelly, 'Omaroo', Wellington, NSW, 2820

July 2012

To the Pink Angels,

Thank you so much for all your kind thoughts and support over recent months. Your practical “ no nonsense” approach has made a difficult time so much easier.

Thank you, patients name withheld.


Dear Donna,

Thank you for sharing the work of the Pink Angels. May God bless you with all you and the others do to help many in our district.

Love Riverside Church Women.